Pardon the dust! This site is outdated, and will be updated shortly. - May 22, 2018

Abstract is simply my site where I host all of my projects. I initially created the web server so I could have an online dashboard for one of my projects, and it just expanded from there. This site houses documentation and information on every one of my projects, as well as some personal information.


Design Process

Initial Version

I started this web server with virtually no experience, so it took a considerable amount of time before I actually had a functioning prototype. Its initial purpose was to host charts for the Tachyon project, and as expected it was buggy, had poor performance, and no CSS. But it worked, and I was incredibly relieved. Expanding from its very basic roots, I explored what Express had to offer, and realized just how powerful it was. Still very much a novice, I created a few endpoints, primarily to learn how it worked.

Current Version

Eventually, what I wanted out of my site could not be accommodated by my current code base, so I decided to take what I had learned and start from scratch. There isn't a lot to explain: It's still in development, and the CSS is in need of work (I'm not that great at front-end development), but it has the capability to easily expand to whatever I need it to do.